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Exciting Ceiling Transformation Ideas

Ceilings can often be overlooked as a feature that changes the feel of any living space in a home. Your home could be the most luxurious house on the block but with a boring ceiling in the living room. Your home could have the popcorn ceiling that many despise. Whatever the case may be, you have fun, stylish, and unique options!

There is a faint ceiling crack that bothered the client. Can you spot it?

Sometimes, it's the repairs that bother you. If you have water staining on a white ceiling, get some spray paint and spray your eyesore away. Just be sure to shield your walls and important items from the over-spray. If you have other stains, it helps if you spray bleach on it with a 70% water and 30% bleach mixed ratio in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the solution onto the stains and repeat until the stains are gone. Shield yourself and important items while spraying. This method works best for white ceilings.

Another thing you can do is caulk ceiling cracks to make the ceiling more youthful. It's best, however, to have a professional come and properly repair the cracks for you. Professionals, like Horton Remodeling, typically tighten loose sheetrock and re-tape and re-apply durable compounds to your ceiling to ensure the damage never occurs again.

Getting a paint job done to the ceiling can rejuvenate the room. If you decide on a lighter color, the room could feel the freshest it has ever been. If you decide on a darker color, you can make your living space cozier than before. You can also have a stenciled paint design accentuating the living space.

Ceiling moldings can be applied where the ceiling meets the walls, adding elegance to the living space. A plain trim board is a good start, or you can purchase moldings with more complex curves. You can paint the molding a different color than the ceiling or leave a natural wood look.

Installing beadboard, shiplap, or other paneling can completely transform a living space. Depending on the wood you install, it can affect the warmth, depth, feel, and even the smell. Because of the random grain and knots in the wood, you can have a unique texture to the ceiling. After installing it, you can paint, stain, or varnish it.

You can also wallpaper your ceiling with simple or complex designs. This option allows you to choose a particular theme, such as Japanese or Spanish.

Installing coffered ceilings displays recessed ceiling panels with a revealed border molding around each panel.

Installing faux beams can give the ceiling extra depth. They can also add a rustic appeal with a bare wood look, or you can paint them a different color.

Ceiling medallions around light fixtures add character and charm to your ceiling. They can be great focal points in the kitchen or dining room. You can even paint them to match your paint schemes and other designs.

Tin tiles or ceiling panels can add industrial or vintage accentuation to the space.

You can have a tray ceiling installed for a recessed center. Adding moldings compounds the elegance of this ceiling choice. The center can be painted a different color.

Lastly, different lighting options can yield different outcomes. Recessed lights open up the space as long as they are evenly and strategically placed. They also add a modern, clean look! Pendant lights and chandeliers are statement fixtures that draw attention to your style. These fixtures could capstone the ceiling vibe you were looking for.


With hundreds of options to choose from, you can be sure to have a ceiling that is meant for you. You can't be bored with these options!

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