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Hanging the TV: Cost and Considerations

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

You just bought an expensive TV. Is it worth the hassle of hanging it up by yourself? Whatever decision you make, this article informs you of the typical cost of hanging a TV and additional considerations to remember when hanging a TV.

The Brass Tacks

The cost to mount a TV to the wall falls between $150 and 300, which figures for labor and materials. To further understand the price range, consider the items below.

Remember This

Consider a few things below:

  • Sometimes your walls are different from the typical sheetrock wall. Walls can be made of brick, plaster, or slump block, all of which are solid materials that require extra effort to hang your TV.

  • How large is your TV? Large TV’s may require two professionals and require different anchors; even more so if it is hung off a brick wall.

  • When you happen to purchase any mounting material before the installation, take extra time to consider the material and quality of the anchors (plastic or metal) and the quality of the TV mount.

Professionals usually have a good knowledge base of which anchors stand the test of time and how to hang the TV securely. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire one that best fits your needs.

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