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Hiring Your Home Remodeler

Updated: Jan 30

Remodeling something as big as your kitchen or even your bathroom is almost a dream. You look through stock photos on Google or Pinterest and find yourself asking, “How is this going to begin to manifest?” remodeling is an uphill battle involving research and finding the best resources for you. Often, people will sit with a remodel until they find the remodeler that fits their needs, has their ideas and needs in mind, and cares about their home. This blog post could help you find that company.

Meticulous is Your Assurance

While you continue to ponder who will remodel your home, let us begin by reminding you of these items:

In the future, long after the company has finished your remodel, will you be worried about leaks? Fire hazards? Electrical issues? Code violations? I’m stressed typing this part already! You are putting your life and your livelihood in someone’s hands. What remodeling company is going to care about that? There is a bridge of trust that must be crossed for sure. A meticulous company typically has these worries in mind.

Internet Presence

Another thing to remember is their internet presence. Scour through the company’s website and web browser reviews. In the reviews, you will notice whether or not they have an outstanding number of people who give five stars. If they have terrible reviews, it’s time to scan the next entity. Even if they have five stars, read why they got different star ratings like a 3-star rating. Ask yourself, “What about this client’s experience made it a sub-par service?” On the website a good company usually has an innovative website that lists the remodel processes and prices clearly and caters to the customer. Hopefully, your initial reaction to their website is, “These people look like they have it together.” Usually, the website will give you almost everything you need to know to decide if this company is the best fit for you. By comparing and contrasting different 5-star companies through the website and the reviews, you can narrow your options down to the optimal remodeler for you.

Reviewing Documentation

Another way to evaluate the array of remodelers is when you receive different estimates and proposals. After receiving these documents, you can see the services provided to you according to the total price. By comparing and contrasting the service descriptions and price breakdowns, you may find that one contractor does not mention floor protection in the proposal. In contrast, the other will note that they cover and protect your home during construction. An example like this points out how much they care about your home. Another thing to remember is how quickly you received your documents. If a remodeler is thorough about your project, it may take a month or two to finalize your project requirements before construction begins.

Sifting Past Experiences

As a customer, you can ask past clientele and vendors about their experience with a certain organization. Past clients will not lie to you; they paid thousands of dollars to complete a remodel. Either they had a great experience, or it could’ve been better.

The last thing to munch on is making sure you have set expectations with the contractor. It’s a good idea to record what was said so you don’t wake up with doubts. Listing out your wants and needs will save future headaches for any professional because sometimes pros lack the consideration necessary for good customer service. Sometimes, it’s best to hire the pro to do a simple install or a drywall patch; that way, you see beyond any shadows of doubt what their work ethic is, how clean they are, and if they are carefully moving around the home with breakable items. A good experience on a small job will reflect well on how they manage your remodel. With a remodel, it can be a good thing that the process seems slow. Only as long as the company is working on your project every day. I have heard stories of contractors showing up once a week and not coming when they said they would. To simplify this article, remember that it comes down to conscientiousness and reliability with whom you decide, and everything else tends to fall into place.

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