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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Exploring the Cost and Considerations of Installing Mirrors

Got mirrors to hang? No matter the size, style, or where it’s located, mirrors are necessary. No one wants to go out the door with the chance of something unsightly distracting everyone. Invest in a mirror, but first educate yourself on your options here in this article.

The Brass Tacks

Some mirrors require a professional or two to hook up. Mirrors are glass, and it is ok to hire help when playing with glass. A professional knows what wall anchors hold the weight of some the heavier mirrors. The typical cost to hire someone would be about 150 to 200 per mirror, not including the mirror itself. The price does include anchors the worker may buy to install it.

Remember This

The only two concerns the customer should worry about is:

1. the type of wall material the mirrors will hang from. It is good to inform the professional if some of your pictures will hang off of a brick wall, just in case they need to buy specialized anchors to complete the task.

2. The size of the mirrors will also inform the professional for his/her preparation.

Whatever the decision, whether it’s installing mirrors alone, or hiring someone, may the odds be in your favor, and may your house feel more at home with new stylin’ mirrors.

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