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Opening Up the Crowded Home

Sometimes it feels like there is not enough room for anything. Sometimes we have the inner speech saying "get off your lazy..." and we clean and organize and do the boring task most of us hate. In this article I hope you find ideas that will permanently open your living spaces, regardless of the mess you may or may not need to attend to.


Open Up Your Floor Plan: Create an open floor plan to make your main living area feel less crowded. This layout offers a feeling of spaciousness without increasing the home’s overall square footage. Part of your plan could be simpler furniture or mounting your TV so you can get rid of the entertainment stand.


Use Area Rugs: One of the simplest yet most effective ways to separate an open floor plan and create individual areas is with area rugs.


Rearrange Furniture: Create the perception of individual living spaces within an open floor plan simply by rearranging furniture.


Add Simple Barriers: Invest in physical barriers for added separation when family members are vying for space to call their own.


Re-Paint the Area: You can paint your walls lighter colors or paint 3 walls a golden color with a contrasting accent color on the 4th wall.


Remove Walls: Demolish shared walls between living spaces. For instance, maybe there’s a wall between the kitchen and the living room. You may be able to create square openings in the middle of a shared wall. BE SURE to ensure that the wall is not LOAD BEARING. Read here for more information on load-bearing walls.


Install Skylights: Ceilings can feel like they are too low. Adding a typical 2’ x 2’ skylight is compelling enough to drastically add the illusion of depth to your home while adding free light.


Multipurpose Islands: Consider an open-plan layout that blends the kitchen with living or dining areas. Multipurpose islands serve as dining spots, preparation areas, and storage spaces.


Remember, the key is to use light, neutral colors on both walls and furniture to create a roomy feel. Maybe the simple option is organizing and throwing away things you do not need. However, that’s a boring option! May these ideas inspire spaciousness!

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