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Pendant Light Feature: Cost and Considerations

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

To the left is a pendant I hanged. Installing pendant lights is a fantastic way to embellish your kitchen or dining space. Pendants also bring extra light to the atmosphere as they hang, unlike a recessed light high to the ceiling. You can even adjust it to different heights. This article will show the cost of this project and provide some things to remember.

The Brass Tacks

Installing just one pendant light device usually ranges between $500 and $3000. One may react in shock, but if no wiring is involved, the cost can quickly compound. This figures in the material cost, running wire, installing a box to support the weight of the device, installing the pendant, and tweaking the height of the pendant.

Remember This

When our clients ask us to install these units, we try to get a good idea of the scope of work. Whoever is reading this, consider these things before hiring the professionals:

  • You may not have wiring accessible to where you would install your device. However, nearby devices; like plugs, switches, and other lights; may be used to feed power to the pendant. Ultimately, finding the shortest length to run the wire is wise, so it is recommended to have a professional’s discernment here. This is because the electrical wire is made of expensive copper.

  • Drywall repairs will be necessary after running the electrical wire to the spot of the new pendant. This is because you inevitably need access to the inner wall cavities to run new wire for the pendant. We recommend hiring someone who can do the electrical and drywall as a package because it may be cheaper to go with one person and one job. For the cost to do drywall, we have a price range of $1300-$1600. If the walls and ceilings are smooth, this could mean a couple hundred more.

  • What if there is more than one pendant light to install? Tack on another 300-400 because an extra one potentially causes more drywall, uses more resources and uses more time.

Investments, such as a pendant light, are always worth making when it adds value to your home or your properties. All it takes is a few minor changes to go from feeling like a humble abode to a place you call home.

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