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Removing Medicine Cabinet, And Patching It

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Sometimes, one of the most efficient ways of sprucing up a bathroom is getting rid of that raggedy old medicine cabinet. These days, people have either found updated solutions, or have eliminated the medicine cabinet idea from their home. This article will shed light on what it costs to remove the junk and patch the wall, with some additional considerations.

The Brass Tacks

Whether the walls are sheetrock, brick, block, or plaster, the labor and material figure falls between $600 - $900 for a good quality job. Remember that this entails removing the medicine cabinet, installing minimal framing to hang the sheetrock, installing sheetrock, and finally finishing and texturing the wall.

Remember This

Before the project proceeds, it is wise to consider the following:

  • As aforementioned, sometimes the cabinet is surrounded by dense compounds. Fixing some light framing to allow for sheetrock patching can add a $100 - $200 cost. And even though lath and plaster is wood framed behind the surface, it is a rock hard surface, which proves difficult to meddle with.

  • Are the walls flat (no texture)? If so that can cost you a little more as well.

  • Are the walls being painted? Remember: when you hire a professional, it is generally cheaper to get projects done in a package (removal, patching, then painting).

I have come across many clients who trash the old medicine cabinet. On the rare occasion when I would use one, it would have been in old homes with the original cabinet. New-built homes generally have big or wide mirrors to elude minimal space. Bottom line: it is worth the update!

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