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Shut The Front Door! Door Replacement Cost and Considerations

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Shut the front door! Or can you shut it without letting in wind drafts or noticing scratches? Half the

time, I’m not sure my door locks shut. Whatever your reason, this article will break down the cost to

replace a door.

The Brass Tacks

The typical price bracket for a door replacement is $400-1600. This price bracket considers labor and

materials, and a bunch more following.

Remember This

  • D oor replacement either entails replacing the door (door slab) or the door and its frame (pre-hung unit with a threshold). Replacing the pre-hung unit can double the cost because the various substrates of the surrounding walls, floors, and ceilings inevitably become damaged during the installation. Sometimes it is also necessary to replace the trim if it is rotten. You may run into the trim, tile, or the doorway itself not cooperating with the profile of the door. For example, the tile may look awkward because the threshold is narrower than the last one. Ultimately, it depends on the context of the job.


prehung slab

  • I t is also good to note if it is a bypass door (mirrored or wooden), bi-fold, pocket door, barn door, standard door (exterior or interior), or an exterior sliding glass door.

  • I f you have a security screen door in the way, that can cost you a couple hundred more dollars in the price bracket. If you are having the tradesman reinstall the same old screen door after the door installation, that would also be another few hundred dollars.

  • P ainting the door is a highly recommended option when replacing the door. Not only will it look better, but on an exterior door, it will increase the longevity of the new installation. You are usually left with nail holes and scuffs on an interior door on the fresh installation so that a paint job will blend the door with your home. Another reason to paint is that sometimes the door will have scratches that only permeate the manufacturer’s coat of primer paint.

  • B e mindful of the poor framework of the walls around the door. Your walls and floors could be crooked enough to make the process take longer than it needs to.

As simple as a door looks, there is always something off-square or plumb. Sometimes the door you

purchase comes with dents and scratches, so be aware if you are purchasing on your own before the

tradesman installs the door. If we are the people who pick up the door for you, we strive to secure a door with no severe defects or dents, or scratches.

Our Recent Work

T his job did require us to remove then replace the screen door. If you notice, the doorbell is more crooked than your wall. Yeah, we had to mend that.

Busted and Rusted

Brand new Cadillac


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