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Stairway to Remodeling

No one likes surprises, especially in the remodeling realm. It's impossible to draw up an idea and begin remodeling tomorrow because it is quite an involved process. This post discusses the proper steps and considerations involved in remodeling with a company.



As a homeowner, you have the power to shape your space. Start by creating a list of your wants and needs for the remodel. This list will guide the process, showing what can stay and what can go. Your vision will be brought to life. For instance, you might say, "I want to keep the floors but replace the cabinets and faucet. Also, the kitchen doesn't have a hood vent, and I need one."

Your Budget

After listing the requests, you will assess your budget based on the quotes they receive from various companies. The budget will narrow the scope of work and set the project in the correct perspective. Usually, companies charge fees to look at your job and start design consultations. Therefore, it is imperative that the budget is decided on beforehand. It is also important to research and choose a reputable company with experience in the remodeling field. This helps avoid consultation fees from different companies.

Design Phase

The design is crucial to tying your needs and wants together. Hiring a remodeling company with all the resources at its disposal will be valuable to you if designing a vision is something you are incapable of creating. Design is one of the exciting parts of the project because you can make plans that will transform how you feel about the space being remodeled. Research what styles and color schemes fit your taste and budget. Taking the extra time to figure this out will give you the satisfactory result that makes the project, and all its woes, worth it. The design may look similar to the examples below, which shows plans and customer requests

Good Pros for Hire

After all the conversations and brain work have been completed, the dirty work will commence soon. If you have yet to hire professionals at this stage, it is a good idea to do so. When hiring professionals, clarity will be your best friend. Actions can be carried out immediately when you are clear on your decisions. Having all the proposals and ideas listed, ranked in priority, and sent to the professional will ensure everyone is on the same page. Everyone you hire for your team should know the plan of attack. When hiring a professional, ensure you find someone who treats your home like it is their own and is willing to defend your wants and needs. Make sure you find someone who communicates daily and answers your messages in a timely fashion.

Book The Calander

The next step is scheduling, which requires one to map out the project's general direction and when certain phases should be done. The scheduling is decided upon between you and the remodeling project manager. For example, it makes sense for any drywall work to be done before countertops are installed in a bathroom remodel. Sometimes, it cannot be completed that way because another subcontractor must complete their work before the drywall work is finished. The project manager knows when the work should be inspected if need be. Inspections are another aspect of the schedule that is required mostly for additions.

Authority Permissions

You or the project manager will need to obtain necessary permits from the local authorities to ensure that the work completed is in accordance with codes and regulations. Once the plans are laid out and the scope of work is ironed out, these documents can be sent to the city.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Now begins the phase of demolition. Strategically and efficiently, the professionals will haul away the old in preparation for the new. If there are any unexpected costs, like an electrical code violation behind the wall, they usually come up during the demolition phase. Shortly after, the framing, rough plumbing, rough electrical, and drywall will be installed. Near the end of the project, the finished work will be completed. New fixtures will be installed, drywall will be finished and textured, electrical fixtures will be installed, painting will applied, and flooring will be installed. Be aware that the project may not go in that order depending on the context of the projects.

Satisfaction Walkthrough

Once all of the final details and walkthrough items are completed, the crew you hired should thoroughly attend to anything that was displaced during the remodel and all the mess. During the walkthrough, you will have the chance to make sure you are satisfied.

If you have a remodeling project in mind, hopefully, this will inform you and prepare you for what's to come.

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