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Your Patio Post May Be Rotten!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Post Replacement Cost

When your rotted post seems to be keeping you from safely enjoying your back patio or front porch, it can be challenging to know what to do. Doing it alone can be unsafe for the homeowner. It requires a safe and secure installation of temporary support posts, while slipping the rotted member out from underneath the patio roof. It is best to hire a tradesman. This article will break down the cost and educate when you should replace a post

The Brass Tacks

The typical cost you could expect ranges between $500-$1000. This accounts for labor and materials. Before you hire anyone, take note of three things that can affect the cost of the project:

Remember This

1. I s your post Round Rough Hewn?If you notice the picture to the right, it is cylindrical in shape. It varies between 6-12" in diameter. The post is cut roughly to size, and it looks rough for design. However, you may have a Square 4-inch by 4-inch post or a 4 by 6. Round rough-hewn is the most expensive post because it almost triples in price compared to your typical 4-by-4 post.

2. S uppose your post has foot-long bolts through the top and bottom. This makes it difficult to slip out easily and adds more work during the installation. Sometimes the previous professionals glue the bolts into the post, which again adds more difficulty.

3. I t is good to paint your post as well. The best way to prepare your post for the ruthlessness of the Arizona heat and rain combination is by applying an oil base primer, smearing latex caulking over all the open cracks, then paint with latex with one or two coats. This would cost another $100-$300.

When is it Time to Replace Your Post?

Take a pencil and walk to any one of your support posts and poke around the bottom of the post. If you can stick your pencil on any given side into the post with the pencil penetrating it halfway through, or even 30-40% through the wood, it is time to replace it. If you have deep rot like this, it is definitely a good time to replace it. If the rot is not so excessive, filling the wood with wood filler or Bondo product is the next option that we provide to add longevity.

Below is a picture of a rotten post for reference. Note that there is sheet metal wrapped above the rotted area, which could be an easy way to temporarily keep water from further damaging your post until you are able to replace or patch the wood.

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