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Your Typical Drywall Patch Breakdown

Updated: Mar 6

Do you have ceiling damage from roof leaks? Do you have holes punched in your walls? Do you have cracked ceilings or walls? These are obvious signs of drywall damage. This page will educate you how much a patch repair will cost and the breakdown of said cost.

The Brass Tacks

Let’s begin with the price tag assuming the cost is the question of utmost necessity. For a patch that is as little as an eye to a 2’ x 2’ section, we are looking at a bracket price of $200 - $650. Next, for patches between 2’ x 2’ and 4’ x 8’, we are talking about $650 - $2000. Please note that this is for typical patches for most homes seen by a Horton Remodeling professional. On occasion, we come across drywall areas that are three times the size of a 4’ x 8’ area. Both price brackets cover material and labor. They also take into account the quality of experience you receive with Horton Remodeling. We think cleanliness and a good job are more common sense for what you are investing in. So we take the time to make sure your home is not a hen house when we leave at the end of the day and during your project.

Remember This

1. Depending on whether there is water damage, consider the fact that you will most likely replace insulation, just like the picture on the left.

2. Depending on the finish, whether that is smooth finished surfaces (most expensive finish) or typical wall textures (cheaper finishes like hawk and trowel), the cost may vary.

Check out what we recently did for a client in Green Valley Arizona!



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