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Refreshing Your Home Interior With Paint: Cost and Considerations

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

A fresh and new paint job in any color can be refreshing, just like the paint job we did a while ago above. Almost like taking a shower. Okay, maybe not like that, but it will make your home feel like a million dollars. Not only that, but the options to paint are endless. In this article the focus will be painting rooms, the cost thereof, and a few key items to think about.

The Brass Tacks

The cost for painting a typical size room of dimensions 10’ Length x 12’ Width x 8-9’ Height falls between $600-$1,000. This includes labor and materials without painting the ceilings. With ceilings the price bracket is $900-$1,500 labor and materials. This is the price per coat of paint.

Remember This:

  • For every couple feet added to the figure above, another $300-$600 is the added cost.

  • Any furniture in the way of the project completion? Either the professional moves the furniture or the client will. Whatever is decided, it is always best to have chairs and couches moved as soon as possible so that the paint is on the walls sooner.

  • How many rooms will be coated? Remember that the typical cost figured above is for one coat of paint.

  • Will the new color cover the existing cover without it bleeding through? This is a determining factor in the number of coats of paint, which also determines the ultimate price paid.

In some cases only one coat is needed, like a fresh and clean paint job of the same old color. Sometimes one would like an accent wall color, which could potentially lower the cost to a $100-400$ range.

With every paint job, it is all about the eyes of the beholder. Hopefully, with this article, the beholder can choose what is good for their home.

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